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The content of the pages on this website is the copyright of Breedon and no permission to copy, reproduce, modify or download the Breedon website or any part of it is given other than for private non-commercial use. 1-5. As shown in Table 3. The third difference is the use of stabilizing additives in SMA which is attributed to the filling up of large no of voids in SMA so as to reduce the drain down due to presence of high bitumen content. This lower exposure supports the goal of the European asphalt industry in reducing bitumen fumes during paving operations.

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3 per cent fibre. . Before testing the code specifies that for Marshall Test the sample has to be placed in water bath for 30 (+_ 5 mins) at a temperature of about 60 C (-+ 1OC) . 3% (by mass) of the total mix. CONCLUSION
Stone Mastic like this has proved superior on heavily trafficked highways all over the world during recent years. These values, which are considered to be applicable for SMA mixtures, are in agreement with the values of 3–4% investigated by Bellin 1997 and Brown and Mallick 1994.

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At the end of 1 h, the basket containing the sample is removed from the oven along with the plate and the mass of the plate was determined. 0 mm10012.
For more information about WMA: Warm Mix Asphalt EAPA Position Paper (2010)Hot Mix Asphalt
The conventional “Hot Mix asphalt” mixtures are produced and mixed at temperatures roughly between 120 and 190 °C The production temperatures of Hot Mix Asphalt depend on the bitumen used.   Comprehensive design protocols have been established in the laboratory for various material types which ensure that end performance requirements are achieved. their website asphalt production facilities carry CE Marking and are ISO Accredited ensuring the durability and longevity of your new driveway. To reduce the need for drainage inhibitor.

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We have extensive see carrying out surfacing works to factories, schools, supermarkets, housing estates and other enterprises. E. 3 Use of waste materials
A. SMA can provide an extremely high rut resistant and durable HMA mixture as compared with dense-graded asphalt mixture.

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2. Thus, an oven temperature of 1750 C was used for the test. Achieving high standards of compacted density and low field air voids has been identified as an important factor in the performance of all SMA work.

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setAttribute( “value”, ( new Date() ). They are generally caused by trapped moisture beneath the surface of the asphalt and can be singular or multiple in number. These techniques take into account the higher initial cost of SMA (20-40% higher than conventional dense graded asphalt in place in road applications) and the longer life expectancy of SMA. 4 DISCUSSION
Life cycle cost
Costs are always difficult to obtain and compare. The amount of increased weight of the plate is the amount of drain down of the mix.

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Although Breedon believes that the expectations contained in such statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that these expectations will prove to be correct. It is homogeneous mixture of selected well graded
aggregate , filler and bitumen in such proportions as to yield a
plastic and voidless mass which Act as a very dense impermeable
SMA is mixed and placed in the same plant as that used with conventional hot mix. Whether you are looking to renew your car park, install a new access road or re-surface an industrial estate, this service is completely FREE.

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0. 2. ieAsphalt Overview Roadstone owns and operates 20 Asphalt Plants strategically located at selected locations around the country, offering a national supply and ‘supply and lay’ blacktop contracting service. .